Martial Arts in Gilpin County

Improve strength, coordination, balance, and speed while learning critical self-defense skills.

Martial Arts Training for Black Hawk, Central City, Nederland, and Idaho Springs

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    We Train In

    Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate)

    To Achieve



    Build and maintain a healthy lifestyle that focuses on flexibility, balance, and whole-body lean muscle development. You don't need to be in great shape to start, but we will get you there! We also make modifications for those with restrictions.

    Self Defense

    Self Defense

    Begin by learning how to recognize and escape dangerous situations. As you advance, you will learn to take control of an attacker. You will develop hand to hand self-defense as well as defense against weapons.

    Character Development

    Character Development

    Kids and teens hone their leadership skills, self-confidence, and respect for others, all while learning cool moves!

    Level One Training Schedule

    Monday and Wednesday
    6pm to 7pm
    Ages 4 – Adult

    Focus Areas

    Children & Teens

    • Attention Span & Focus
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Anti-Bullying
    • Self-Confidence
    • Self-Discipline & Respect for Others
    • Develop Lifelong Fitness Habits
    • Leadership Skills & Overcoming Shyness
    • Have Fun & Learn Cool Moves!


    • Flexibility & Balance
    • Cardio,  Weight Loss, & Lean Muscle
    • Hand to Hand Self-defense
    • Self-defense Against Weapons
    • Stress Relief
    • Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
    • Confidence Building
    • Focus Building

    Advanced Students

    • Weapons Training
    • Pressure Point Strikes
    • Joint Manipulations
    • Takedowns
    • Advanced and Aerial Kicks
    • Participate in Regional Seminars
    • Compete and Earn Medals in AAU National Taekwondo Championships

    Areas of Tang Soo Do / Taekwondo Study

    • Warmup, stretching, & balance
    • Basics:
      • Blocks
      • Upper body attacks
      • Level one kicks
      • Stances
      • Breaking techniques
    • Advanced kicks including aerial kicks
    • Traditional forms
    • Step-sparring
    • Self-defense fundamentals:
      • Defense against basic grabs, holds, & other aggression.
      • Applying fundamentals to dynamic scenarios
    • Specialized Self-Defense:
      • Wrist technicals
      • Clothing technicals
      • Self-defense against weapons
    • Vital points and pressure point strikes
    • Weapons Forms
    • Groundwork:
      • Falls
      • Basic throws
      • Sweeps
      • Rolls
    • Sparring
    • Breaking
    • Martial arts knowledge and history
    • All students take turns leading class and teaching



    Taekwondo     |   Korean Karate   |   Tang Soo Do

    Whether you are looking for a traditional Karate or Taekwondo program, a place to practice modern combative technique, or an exercise routine that builds whole-body strength and flexibility, we can get you there. Our Taekwondo program is based on the traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do, also known as Korean Karate. We tailor our classes to the individual needs of our students, considering such factors as age and physical restrictions. Using traditional martial arts principles, we achieve modern practical benefits tailored to a student’s desired outcomes.


    We’re in the Gilpin County Community Center gymnasium every Monday and Wednesday starting at 6pm. If you’re in the Black Hawk, Central City, Idaho Springs, or Gilpin County areas, come check out a class and meet our instructors.


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    1st Dan

    Elizabeth Schwettman

    Volunteer Instructor

    5th Dan

    Master Imy Rich

    Volunteer Instructor

    Master Jim Beasley

    Volunteer Instructor

    6th Dan

    Master Doug Ohara

    Association Director

    Master Bruce Bishop

    Association Director

    8th Dan

    Kwan Jang Nim John Rankin

    Association Senior Director