Century Direct Gear Store

As a student of Altitude Martial Arts, you are able to receive discounts on the highest quality training gear from Century Martial Arts. Our Century Direct store contains items that are approved for our school, ensuring that anything you purchase can be used in class.

Discount Code

The prices that are displayed are the full retail price. Most of our items have a discount of 30%. You won’t see the discounted price until you checkout and enter our school’s coupon code.

When you checkout, be sure to use coupon code gilpintkd to receive your discount.

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Uniform Requirements

Before purchasing a new uniform from this site: We currently have a stock of used and new uniforms, so you can ask us if we have one in your size before purchasing your own uniform.

We have a FREE BOX with clean used uniforms in many sizes and weights. If you find a uniform you like in the free box, you’re done!

Our new 5 oz. or 6 oz. uniforms are $25. If we don’t have a new or used uniform in your size, you’ll have to buy one from the gear store or another source.

Remember that you are only allowed to wear a white uniform (dobok) until you are a Blue Belt or higher.


Blue Belts or higher may purchase an all black dobok if they wish.

Uniforms are priced according to their thickness, ranging from 5 oz. to 14 oz.

We recommend a 7 oz uniform for beginners. It is heavier duty and less see-through than the 5 and 6 oz uniforms. However, if you are on a budget, a 6 oz. uniform will work.

Uniforms up to 10 oz tend to be comfortable for most of us. Anything heavier than 10 oz. tends to be too hot for our style of training.

For those who overheat easily or have sensory issues, one other option is a ribbed uniform. These tend to be slightly cooler and more comfortable. Erin wears a black ribbed uniform, you can ask to see hers before you decide.

Weapon Requirements

Weapons are only to be purchased on approval from an instructor, green belt or higher only.

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Other Items

If you see something else in the Century Martial Arts catalog that you would like, let an instructor know. We may be able to add the item to our discount store:   Main Century Catalog