Three Tips To Get the Most From Your Exercise Routine

Tip # 1: Frequent Exercise Replaces Fat With Muscle, and Muscle Burns More Calories Than Fat

This muscle helps to keep off the calories 24×7, even when you’re at rest!

Tip #2: Doing the Right Kinds of Exercise Will Not Overdevelop One Muscle Group at the Expense of Another

Because that causes tightness, and injuries. We need a whole-body approach to our workout. The right kinds of exercise (including stretching) will not only shed fat and build lean muscle, it will also increase flexibility and balance, reducing the chance for injuries.


You know, if you were to say, slip on the ice.  Because, welcome to springtime in the mountains!

Tip #3: If You Expect To Continue Exercising, It Needs To Be Fun and Never Boring

We recommend combining twice weekly martial arts training with about ten minutes of exercise at home every other day.  Something simple, like a few crunches followed by some brief High Intensity Interval Training.  When combined with martial arts training, your home routine doesn’t need to be lengthy to be effective!


My name is Steve, and I lead the Taekwondo program at the Gilpin Community Center. I have seen firsthand what a total body martial arts workout can do. I’ve seen the changes in myself, in my family, and in our students.

Our Taekwondo program will continuously challenge both your body and mind. Never boring!

And it works for all ages. There are benefits for children age 4 and up, teens, adults, and seniors. Everything is tailored to the individual, so that you get the workout and training that YOU need.

How Do I Learn More?

Visit the Gilpin Community Center and watch one of our training sessions. We’re in the gym every Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 7 pm. Speak to one of our Black Belts while you’re there. We can answer all of your questions to get you started on the martial arts path to a healthy lifestyle.

When you’re ready to try it for yourself, your first two classes are free!

Ready to Get Started?

Visit our Taekwondo page to get all the details you need to prepare for your first session.