Thank you for your interest in our Adult Martial Arts program.

We want to tailor this new program to our community, so please use the form below to tell us about your particular needs and goals.

Background: Currently, all of our martial arts students, ages 4 through adult, train at the same time in the Gilpin Community Center gymnasium and studio. We all begin class together, then separate into age and skill appropriate groups.  We would like to offer a separate teen/adult session for those who would prefer that environment.

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    About Us
    Train in a friendly and supportive environment that challenges you to reach your goals!

    Our Tang Soo Do – Taekwondo program is part of a local community of front-range martial arts gyms that train for health and harmony in a
    sometimes chaotic world.

    We recognize that every student has their own set of needs and goals. We would love to find out more about your particular goals and interests, so please contact us today so that we can set you up to take that first step into our martial arts community.

    Elements of Our Program



    “Begin by learning how to recognize and escape dangerous situations. Kids will develop bully prevention skills. As you advance, you will learn to take control of an attacker. You will develop hand to hand self-defense as well as defense against weapons.”


    “Exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Build and maintain a healthy lifestyle that focuses on flexibility, balance, and whole-body lean muscle development. You don’t need to be in great shape to start, but we will get you there! We also make modifications for those with restrictions.”

    Character Development


    “Kids and teens build discipline and focus, boost their self-confidence, and hone leadership skills and respect for others. All while learning cool moves!”

    Train With Us Today!

    We’re in the Gilpin County Community Center gymnasium every Monday and Wednesday starting at 6pm. If you’re in the Black Hawk, Central City, Idaho Springs, or Gilpin County areas, come check out a class and meet our instructors.

    Our Programs

    Martial Arts Classes


    Group Session

    Group sessions progress from critical basics through advanced skills. All ages begin class together, then we breakout into age and skill appropriate groups.


    Advanced Training

    Advanced training is available to all adults, as well as children who have earned the rank of Green Belt. Every Wednesday after the group session, from 7:00 – 7-30.


    Self Defense

    Self-Defense seminars can be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Contact us regarding your needs today!

    Training Schedule

    Group Session Every Monday and Wednesday
    6pm to 7pm
    Ages 4 – Adult

    See Calendar for Advanced Training Schedule and Closures

    Community Center Contract Instructor
    Two time AAU Taekwondo National Championship Gold Medalist

    “ Over the years, I could feel my passion for outdoor adventures taking its toll on my body. If I were to continue to be active in my middle years, I needed to train for flexibility, endurance, and strength. I found this combination through martial arts, and I’m happy to bring this training to aspiring martial artists of any age.”

    Martial Arts Instructors

    Our Instructors

    Tang Soo Do-Taekwondo

    Elizabeth Schwettman

    Tang Soo Do-Taekwondo, Pilates

    Master Imy Rich

    Tang Soo Do-Taekwondo, Tai Chi

    Master Jim Beasley

    Our Founder

    Kwan Jang Nim


    John Rankin is a multi-year full-contact karate tournament champion and holds black belts in four martial arts styles: Tang Soo Do-Taekwondo, Hapkido, Go Shin Ryu Karate, and Laido.